Solar Safe Water

An ESRAG and WASH-rag initiative

Everything starts with safe water.

Join Solar Safe Water and support people in need with hot and safe drinking water in offgrid areas.
And at the same time, you
contribute to all Rotary’s 7 areas of focus and get Gold Standard certified compensation for your carbon emissions.

More than one billion people in the world live without access to safe drinking water and
electricity. This has a negative impact on health, education, equality, welfare and the environment. Safe drinking
water improves living conditions and enables a way out of poverty.

Solvatten heaters sanitise water from bacteria, viruses and parasites by using solar energy and are an award-winning innovation promoted by UN, WHO and WWF. At the same time, you contribute with an amazing impact on sustainable development in line with UN’s Agenda 2030 and Rotary’s 7 area of focus. One Solvatten heater supports one family with hot and safe drinking water 7-10 years (lifetime). In addition, it cuts the family’s carbon emissions, saves trees from being cut down and the family benefits in health, equality and welfare. Today Solvatten heaters are used by more than 500,000 people in over 20 countries. We are proud supporters to Solvatten’s changemaking¬† CLIMATE PROJECT in Kenya.

Do good:
Give Solar Safe Water

Donate to give people in need access to safe and hot water in the Tharaka-Nithi project and thereby contributing to sustainable development according to Rotary’s all 7 Areas of Focus.

Compensate Carbon Emissions with a Gold Standard cert. project

Compensate for your personal carbon emissions or become a climate friendly club. One Solvatten heater compensates for 7 tons.

1 billion people lack access to safe water

Are you looking for an impactful project for you club or district in a local community? Contact us for more information.

In large parts of the world, women and girls are responsible for managing the water. And in offgrid areas, this needs many hours of work just to make the water drinkable. Therefor, many girls and women do not have time to go to school or work. It also means that trees are cut down for firewood so that the water can be boiled. Charcoals and gas are also used, which contributes negatively to the greenhouse effect.

Solar Safe Water in Action

Solvatten heaters prevent emissions of greenhouse gases, save tress from being cut down an dthereby habitat for biodiversity.

In these videos, see how Solvatten heaters combat climate change and see how Josephine is using her Solvatten heater and how it helps her and her family in their daily life.

Scardinian District 2080 scale up Solar Safe Water

Thanks to district 2080, 110 families now have access to hot and safe water. 5,500 trees have been saved and 770 tons of CO2 emissions prevented.

Thanks to Rotary clubs, thousands of people now have access to safe water.

ESRAG’s initiatve Solar Safe Water supports people in need with hot and safe water in off grid areas. The impact are amazing and supports all 7 areas of focus.